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Raise the Bar!

Series Pitch

 Concept by Valentina Fernandez

Concept by Valentina Fernandez

About "Raise the Bar!"

"Raise the Bar" is a good-spirited, intense and fun series, that features an underdog story centered around the victories and defeats of a group of teenage athletes striving to make a space for themselves in the Olympic world.

It tells the story of Sam, a south american weightlifter that tries to fight mediocrity and achieve her dream of competing at the Olympics. With the help of her coach, her friends and her own will, there's nothing that can stop her.


Stage: In Development
Created by: Fernanda Frick
Co-Written by: Fernanda Frick, Glenn Lazo
Art Team: Fernanda Frick, Valentina Fernandez, Alejandra Carrasco
Genre: Sports / Slice of Life
Format: 13 x 22' per season
Target: Boys and Girls 9 - 12