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About Us

About Us

✨ Fernanda Frick Studio is a new studio located in Santiago, Chile, focusing on telling stories with heart.✨

Animation is our passion! And as fun as it is, we take it seriously. We take pride in the great responsibility that comes with the power of telling stories, and aim to make the world a better place with them, no matter the format.

We create appealing characters and beautiful settings, with a strong sense of narrative in everything we do, from series development to advertising.

If you want to create special, meaningful and powerful content, just contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you! ✨


About Fernanda

Fernanda Frick is an animation director, illustrator and cartoonist from Chile. She started out as a self-taught animator and later graduated from Animation Mentor. Since 2006 she’s worked as a freelance artist for series, ads and videogames. She also teaches at various local universities. In 2016, she directed “Here’s the Plan”, her 4th short film, which has been selected in several festivals around the world.